Nash Produce is one of the largest cucumber and sweet potato processing facilities in the United States. With a management team of over 30 years experience, a grower base spread over a 120 mile radius, over 35,000 acres committed to crop production, and 600,000 square feet of storage, our products and services are unparalleled. We are dedicated to offering superior customer service and the highest quality produce while sustaining advanced food safety and traceability initiatives.

  • Our facility is situated on almost 85 acres, including 27 buildings with over 600,000 square feet of storage. We have controlled atmosphere storage to maintain the highest quality produce and availability to store over 2,000,000 bushels of sweet potatoes to ensure our supply will last you all year.
  • Our growers utilize advanced micro-propagated and virus-tested certified seed programs in North Carolina. They have been able to produce a remarkably more consistent crop from year to year. As a result, we are able to offer increased yields, smoother skin and a more true- to-type sweet potato.
  • We are able to offer a wide range of varieties, sizes, and styles for both sweet potatoes and cucumbers. In addition to our produce, we are able to provide custom packaging solutions for your specific needs.
  • We utilize the latest technology for product traceability. Sweet Potatoes are bar-coded as they arrive at our facility giving the customer the ability to trace their product back to the fields from which they were harvested. We can electronically notify our customers when products leave our facility. It is our greatest obligation to keep our customers safe by taking all necessary precautions and following proper procedures.
  • Nash Produce is a member of many local and national professional fresh produce and agricultural organizations. We recognize the importance of these associations for staying up to date with the latest industry happenings and changes.
  • Nash Produce is certified under the Good Agricultural and Good Handling Practices Program, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition, we have our GlobalGAP certification and are certified through the International Certification Services, Inc. for the processing of Organic Produce.
  • In addition to our regular produce products, Nash Produce maintains a freight logistic service and has the capacity and equipment to process, store and ship third party produce. We also have one of the largest hydro-coolers on the east coast to meet your cooling needs, with the capacity to make up to 10 tons a day.