Sweet Potatoes

Nash Produce is a processor, packer, and shipper of several varieties of sweet potatoes. Our growers have an advantage because of the advanced micro-propagated and virus-tested certified seed program in North Carolina. Our growers have been able to produce a remarkably more consistent crop from year to year. As a result of this program we are seeing increased yields, smoother skin and a more true- to-type sweet potato in our fields. Our sweet potatoes are grown under the watchful eye of our “family of growers.” Each root is hand harvested and handled with care as to protect it from damage.

The wide geographical area of our grower production should mitigate issues that are sometimes brought on by Mother Nature. Many of our growers have been in the sweet potato business for decades and seen generations of quality. They all strive to produce the highest quality crop possible to meet the demand of our customers. They know quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to sweet potatoes. Getting quality sweet potatoes from our backyard to your front door is what our growers do best. We can supply our customer with sweet potatoes year round - 365 days a year.

Sweet potatoes are cured and stored in climate-controlled warehouses. Nash Produce has over 600,000 bushels of storage. We use a Kerian sizer and Hagan for quickly and accurately processing sweet potatoes. We are able to pack sweet potatoes by weight, size, or count as specified by each customer. Below you will find specific information about our sweet potato brands, sizes, and packaging.

In addition to the options above, Nash Produce is able to offer custom packaging options for our customers, whether it is personalized with the company logo and information, a seasonal or holiday display and packaging, or for a promotional event. Feel free to call us at 252-443-6011 or email info@nashproduce.com for information regarding this service.

The varieties of sweet potatoes that Nash Produce offers include:
  • Beauregard
  • Covington
  • O’Henry
  • Japanese
  • Organic varieties including Beauregard, Covington and Carolina Ruby

Nash Produce offers the following brands:
Sweet potatoes are available in a range of grades:
  • USDA Jumbos
  • USDA #1
  • USDA #2

Custom sizing options are available from 4oz. to 32oz. sweet potatoes or counts from 28-120.
Packaging options include: